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Best nano fertilizer brands 2019

Do you want to know about nanotechnology suppliers? Are you interested in getting some information about nanoparticle suppliers, nanomaterials suppliers in India, and nano powders? Outburst of world population in the past decade has forced the agricultural sector to increase crop productivity to satisfy the needs of billions of people especially in developing countries. Widespread existence of nutrient deficiency in soils has resulted in great economic loss for farmers and significant decreases in nutritional quality and overall quantity of grains for human beings and livestock.

Best nano fertilizer brands 2019

High quality nano fertilizers on the market

High quality nano fertilizers on the market  Biodegradable Biological Nano Fertilizer is a powerful compound that is enriched both for diverse and useful microorganisms and for the variety of microelements enriched with nanotechnology in the form of nanoparticles and nano-chelates to create a suitable environment. For the activity of microorganisms, enhance the plant’s ability to grow and develop. The microorganisms used include symbiotic and asymptomatic nitrogen-fixing bacteria from the Rhizobium, Azotobacter azosprillium, bacteria containing the OPH enzyme that are able to decompose and convert phosphorus pesticide residues to available phosphorus. It is also included in the composition of this fertilizer of beneficial bacteria that are soluble in phosphorus from organic and inorganic compounds. In addition, through nanotechnology, it provides a variety of microelements to enhance the growth environment of microorganisms as well as the proper conditions for plant growth. Also, the bacteria used in the composition of this fertilizer have the ability to produce growth hormones. Nanocoder biosecurity provides a unique ability to increase production and reduce nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer consumption.

When was nano fertilizers invented?

When was nano fertilizers invented? For generations, farmers have understood the importance of nitrogen to the growth of their crops and have struggled to boost nitrogen levels in the soil. Conventional fertilizer can only do this to a small extent since the bulk of it is destroyed by water or wind before being used by plants. But new technology being developed by Monreal and his colleagues at the University of Alberta and Carleton University could solve this perennial problem.

“We’re trying to develop a new generation of fertilizers that will increase this efficiency from 30 percent to upwards of 80 percent,” he says. “The idea is to develop a product that will release nitrogen only when the plant needs it and in the amount the plant needs.”

The key to this is nanotechnology. Monreal is developing a fertilizer made of nano-sized nitrogen molecules coated in a polymer coating that protects the fertilizer from the elements. 

What are the advantages of nano fertilizers?

What are the advantages of nano fertilizers? 1- These types of nanocomposites have no chemical additives. So they will not have any negative environmental impacts.

2. The rate of degradation and absorption of organic nano-fertilizer is higher than that of vermicompost and natural fertilizers. But they are not as fast and wasteful as fertilizers.

3- Applying organic nano fertilizer in addition to increasing the amount of product and weight gain of a single fruit, increases at least two times the quality of products (nutrients of products). The taste of organic nano-fertilizer products is much better than other similar products.

4. The application of organic nano fertilizer increases the fruiting period and resistance of plants to cold weather.

Nanomaterials for using in agriculture

Nanomaterials for using in agriculture Nanotechnology plays an important role in the production of effective, low-risk fertilizers with the ability to release the elements properly, but has not yet been effective in Iran in the form of impacts on the agricultural sector. Nano-encapsulated fertilizers using nanoparticles can control or delay The university has absorbed the micronutrients present in the plant and, while absorbing more easily, has a greater impact on production and even in certain situations and is effective in preventing unexpected events such as droughts, as most of our soils are calcareous. Most of the crops and orchards like grapes are cultivated in these soils Therefore, proper fertilizer application and timely use of fertilizers for sustainable production is inevitable.

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