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bionanotechnology | Different products on the market

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What is bio nanotechnology?What is the difference between nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology?Where is nanotechnology used?List of bionanotechnology products exist on the market

Nanotechnology, as the name implies, deals with nanometer-sized objects. bioNanotechnology is a new field due to the integration of biosciences and nanoscience engineering that has created new horizons in the field of the development and development of integrated systems and has encouraged researchers to use this integration in the construction of nanostructures. They use biological molecules as components of the desired system.

bionanotechnology | Different products on the market

What is bio nanotechnology?

What is bio nanotechnology?Now we want to look at the history of bionanotechnology. Nanotechnology can be examined at three levels: materials, tools and systems. At the material level, more progress has already been made than the other two. The materials used in nanotechnology are also called nanoparticles. One of the applications of bio-nano technology is nano-fertilizer technology, which we will explain below. Slow or controlled release fertilizers gradually release their nutrient contents into the soil so that their release time is in line with the plant’s nutrient needs. These fertilizers are produced physically by coating the soluble fertilizer particles with substances that reduce their dissolution rate in water. Use of controlled release fertilizers will increase the efficiency of fertilizer nutrient utilization, reduce soil toxicity, minimize the potential adverse effects associated with excessive use of soluble fertilizers, and reduce the number of fertilizer application times. In addition, the use of these fertilizers may improve soil conditions for crop cultivation to improve soil ventilation and fragility and prevent erosion. In order to select suitable coating materials, numerous researches have been done in different parts of the world.

What is the difference between nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology?

What is the difference between nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology?The only difference between bionanotechnology and biotechnology is that nanoscale design and manufacturing is an integral part of nanotechnology based products, whereas nanotechnology does not require nanoscale understanding and design. Biomolecules, especially protein and DNA, have become widely used in nanotechnology applications and have created one of the main branches of nanotechnology. Creating DNA and protein-based structures in the medical sciences, pharmacy, genetic engineering and biotechnology will be a new revolution in science. Extensive research and global investment in the development of the following systems, processes or products reflects the new approach of biosciences, capitalists and governments such as the US, Japan, Russia and European countries to bionanotechnology. The components of the body are made up of molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates with unique properties.

Where is nanotechnology used?

Where is nanotechnology used?in this article we decided to tell you more about the application of nano technology.there are some of applications of bionanotechnology:

  • Photodynamic Cancer Treatment
  • Making a tooth
  • Materials used in bone repair
  • Tissue engineering

These are just some of the applications of bionanotechnology. Due to the rapid development and wide scope of biotechnology, the field of biotechnology revolution has opened a new era in different sciences such as biology, medicine, pharmacology and genetic engineering. In addition, other areas, such as economics and politics, have had a great impact. bioNanotechnology refers to the development of new methods and tools for the study of biological systems or the application of nanostructures and biological structures.

List of bionanotechnology products exist on the market

List of bionanotechnology products exist on the market after some nanobiotechnology research that has been done by sciences we understood that:according to widespread and valuable applications of nanotechnology technology in various areas of human life, training a specialist human resources in this field seems very necessary. One of the applications of bionanotechnology is nano-fertilizer, which we will explain below. World-wide efforts to protect human health and the environment through the use of nanotechnology for the design, manufacture, and development of Green Material and the prevention of the use of various harmful substances (such as lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, And diphenyl polybrominate ethers). Green materials are materials made from environmentally friendly, recyclable or sustainable elements, do not degrade, and do not drain resources. However, it is also possible to refer to the term green materials as non-toxic and environmentally friendly biological materials that provide safer conditions for human life.

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