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Chitosan Effects on Plant SystemsRecent Advances of Chitosan Applications in Plants Who are the best producers of chiotsan?Which countries have best chitosan for sale?

In this article we tell you how chitosan works on plant systems and the information you need when you want to buy chitosan for plants. So if you need any information about how Chitosan works and what effects does it have on plants , or you are wondering what countries and companies have the best Chitosan for sale on the market be sure to be with us until the very end of this article.

buy chitosan for plants | Agricultural chitosan with affordable price

Chitosan Effects on Plant Systems

Chitosan Effects on Plant SystemsChitosan in medicine for humans is used to treat obesity , high cholesterol , and Crohn’s disease.It’s also used to treat complications that kidney failure patients on dialysis often face , like high cholesterol , anemia , and insomnia.  but in recent years scientists have done researches and have developed environmental-friendly measures for managing crop diseases as alternative to chemical pesticides , including such natural compounds like chitosan. Chitosan is used for better growth of plants. In order to have chitosan hydroponics , you have to add chitosan into plant’s soil . You also can add chitosan biostimulants in plant’s soil.

Chitosan has been proven to stimulate plant growth and protect the safety of edible products and to contain abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in various horticultural commodities.The effect of different enzyme activities to detoxify reactive oxygen species tells us the involvement of hydrogen peroxide and nitric  oxide in Chitosan signaling . Chitosan can also interact with chromatin and directly affect gene expression . In other words , Chitosan has been demonstrated to be a completely natural molecule that includes numerous biological responses in plants , depending on its structure and concentration and on species and development stage of the plant. After the first report on the eliciting action of Chitosan in pea and tomato plants , Chitosan was shown to enhance defense responses to abiotic and biotic stresses . An initial oxidative burst with hydrogen peroxide accumulation was observed in different plants supplied with Chitosan as well as in plant cell cultures . It is thought that this can lead to the induction of plant defense enzymes , and to the synthesis of secondry metabolism , such as polyphenlics , lignin , flavonoids , and phytoalexins observed in many plant species treated with Chitosan . 

Recent Advances of Chitosan Applications in Plants

Recent Advances of Chitosan Applications in Plants There has been made recent advanceses in Chitosan and part of it’s recent innovative uses of Chitosan include synthesis of Chitosan nano particles as a valuable delivery system for fertilizers , herbicides , pesticides and micro nutrients for crop growth promotion by a balanced and sustained nutrition. Also Chitosan nano particles can safely deliver genetic material for plant transformation .   

Who are the best producers of chiotsan?

Who are the best producers of chiotsan?Chitin and chitosan are key products and almost no production in Europe. Most of the produce comes from various parts of Asia and is exported from shrimp and crab shells. With production sites of limited capacity and demand expected to triple in 10 years, chitin and chitosan are a promising future with most potential applications yet to be discovered.

Which countries have best chitosan for sale?

Which countries have best chitosan for sale?Before telling you which countries have best chitosan products let me give you a quick reminder about how it’s used worldwide and that you can find chitosan for sale in every almost country , because all around the world people use chitosan plant products . World wide demand for Chitosan and chitin in 2015 was above 60.000 tone. Worldwide market for chitosan and chitin derivatives must reach 63 Billions USD by 2024 , according to a report from GIA ( Global Industry Analysts ) Inc.

But if you want to know some of the countries that are on top of the least when it comes to Chitosan production , here are top countries for each continent :

North America Chitosan Consumption by countries : 

  • United states of america
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe

Europe chitosan Consumption by countries :

  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdoms
  • Italy
  • Russia 

Asia chitosan Consumption by countries :

  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

Central and South Africa Consumption by countries :

  • Brazil

Middle East and Africa Consumption by countries :

  • Turkey 
  • GCC countries
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
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