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chitosan producers | Best way to buy chitosan at factory price

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Is it safe to buy chitosan online?What are different grades of chitosan uses?Most famous chitosan producers in middle east Amazing deals for chitosan bulk buyers

who are chitosan producers? Production of low molecular weight water-soluble chitin and chitosan produced by MIPT researchers. This method is based on the degradation of chitin and chitosan by plasma electron beam in a special plasma chemical reactor. The new technology reduces the time required to produce water-soluble chitin and oligosaccharides from a few days to a few minutes. This method is environmentally friendly and yields bioactive oligosaccharides with antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

chitosan producers | Best way to buy chitosan at factory price

Is it safe to buy chitosan online?

Is it safe to buy chitosan online?The scientists used plasma chemical technology instead of chemical hydrolysis of chitin and chitosan. This procedure is performed at low temperature and non-equilibrium electron beam plasma. To test the new method, they inserted the polysaccharide powder into a plasma chemical electron beam reactor. While various gases can be used to fill the reaction chamber, water and oxygen vapor have the best effect. Experiments have shown that the lower the molecular weight of chitosan, the greater the inhibition of bacterial growth.

In the deacetylation reaction, by adding concentrated sodium hydroxide solution and heat, acetyl amine groups in chitin are converted to amine agents.

The number of acetyl groups present on the polymer chains indicates the difference between the two polymers. Conventionally, 5% of the amide groups are considered as the boundary between chitin and chitosan. That is, polymers with a degree of deacetylation of less than 1% are called chitin and more than 5% are called chitosan.

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What are different grades of chitosan uses?

What are different grades of chitosan uses?chitosan benefits and uses is many, such as:

Wastewater treatment and water engineering

Chitosan can act as a clotting agent due to its polycationic nature and can also trap heavy metal ions as a chelating agent.

Paper and packaging industries

Its high biodegradability and environmental compatibility have led to the use of chitin and chitosan in the packaging industry as well as in recyclable paper. Chitosan can be easily used in paper mills because of its high structural similarity to cellulose. Chitosan paper has a high surface area and high moisture resistance, which is very suitable for printing and painting. The paper is also flexible and durable due to hydrogen bonds between the polymer chains and withstands tear resistance. In addition, chitosan is used in food packaging industries due to its antimicrobial properties.

Textile Industry

As a non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly natural biopolymer, chitosan is a good choice for use in the textile industry. And fine, fine, odorless and anti-allergic clothing.

Food industry

Chitosan is used as an additive in meat and dairy products because of its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties as well as preventing taste changes and increasing shelf life. Also in food packaging, chitosan films are safe and widely used in food packaging. In addition to being antimicrobial, these packages have good mechanical properties.


To create a thin coating on foods such as fruits and vegetables that act as a protective antibacterial and antifungal film to prevent the spoilage of agricultural products. chitosan for plants is use too.

Most famous chitosan producers in middle east

Most famous chitosan producers in middle east Chitosan is a derivative of glucan with recurrent chitin units, which has been identified by Rugt in year 4 with a known agent and is much more common than the secondary type. Boiling of chitin in potassium solution was obtained at a specified concentration.

Chitin is a naturally occurring mucosal polysaccharide with a chemical formula (C8H13NO5) that is abundantly found in the outer skeleton of arthropods such as shrimp, crabs and also low plants such as yeast and insect cuticles.

Currently no company in Iran is producing chitin, chitosan and its derivatives on an industrial scale and Iran is the importer of this product. Athene’s main competitors are international manufacturers of chitosan, including American, European, and especially Southeast Asian companies. In particular, active producers in the Asia-Pacific region have also targeted export markets including North America and Europe. Japan, followed by China, are the largest manufacturers and consumers of chitosan in the region.

Amazing deals for chitosan bulk buyers

Amazing deals for chitosan bulk buyers The key benefits of buying chitosan nanoparticles are briefly listed as follows:

  • Unique design products internationally and internationally
  • Higher quality benefits than similar products
  • More than 1% of the raw materials needed are available domestically and there is no problem with the other 2% (no external dependency)
  • The production line machines are designed and manufactured by the inventors of the design and machine-made team of in-house experts all in-country.
  • Decreasing medical device market dependence on foreign products and related problems
  • Prevent the outflow of millions of dollars of foreign currency from importing similarly lower quality items
  • Reduce the price of goods for the consumer with a very dramatic difference
  • Significant direct and indirect production and employment considering the size of the project
  • There is a huge potential market for exporting products, selling technology or partnering with foreign companies
  • Lack of environmental pollution during production and use
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